Typhoon Mangkhut

The day before the arrival of the typhoon, HK was hot and very stuffy. And what a sunset we had!

The morning of the 16th (2018-09-16), the Tyhoon hits. Hong Kong is darn lucky. By the time Typhoon Mangkhut reaches Hong Kong, the typhoon has weakened and it did not hit HK head on. Even then, the impact it had on HK left quite a mark, with an estimate of US$1 billion in insurance claims.

This is a timelapse I made. It was of course the best opportunity to use the Gewitter und Sturm, Abstieg (Thunder and Tempest, Descent) section from one of my all time favorite pieces, Strauss’s An Alpine Symphony (Eine Alpensinfonie), Op. 64.

At 9:40am, the highest level of typhoon signal, Signal No.10 was issued. For the next ten plus hours, the city was blasted by NE, and after noon, SE wind, with gusts up to 149km/hr.

I finally left home around 11am the following day. Hong Kong is an awfully efficient city. Much of the fallen trees and debris have been cleaned up. But a quick stroll nearby revealed just how devasting the storm was to the city.

Here is a compilation I found on youtube:

It is amazing that no one was killed from the typhoon. Traffic was extremely chaotic today, but HK people always find a way.


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