A camera someone should build

One of the great things with mirrorless cameras is that with a shorter flange distance, one is able to adapt lots of lenses on the mirrorless bodies. One of the most intriguing options out there is to adapt Leica M lenses on Sony mirrorless bodies. Initially, I used the Voitglander VM-E adapter. It doubles as […]


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Leica M10-P

Cameras are not complicated, at least they do not have to be. They are tools to freeze time visually. I own (too) many camera systems, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic, Hasselblad, Nikon, and Canon. All of which are more ‘advanced’ technologically then Leica. However, a Leica remains a Leica. You pay more to get less. By removing the ‘red […]

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Back to basics

I placed my order on Oct 1st 2009 for a Leica M9 and a few days ago, it was finally shipped out from Robert White in the UK. Apparently, I am very lucky since I waited for less than 2 months. Many people who ordered back in September still have not received theirs! When Robert […]

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