Neutral Audio X-DREI

I had the Neutral Audio X-DREI for a few weeks as home-trial. I decided to return it. While I heard differences, I am not sure if the differences are really ‘better.’ Anyway, I have returned the unit. Jose Jimenez, owner of Neutral Audio has been an absolute gentleman to deal with, despite the fact I decided […]


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I have experienced the future

Date: 2012-06-11 Locations: Princeton 3D3A Lab & Professor Choueiri’s Home Experience: True 3D Audio Playback via BACCH enabled systems. This one experience has made me realize how primitive all our audio systems are because all our existing systems suffer from pollution in the form of crosstalk.

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The beauty of simplicity

I began my audio obsession with a simple 2-way. Then I wanted a bigger sound as 2-way can never reproduce the full range that is needed for orchestral music. I have gone through many 3-way and 4-way designs. They surely sound much bigger, but somewhere along the path, the intimacy of a well engineered 2-way […]

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Listening to the qøl

So far, I have had about 6 people listened to the qøl. All 6 came away feeling positive about it. Strangely, it was the audiophiles who were less enthusiastic (at least initially). The non-audiophiles, including one friend with a ‘bad ear’, were all very very impressed by what the qøl can do. I have asked […]

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AudioMachina Maestro S

I first learned that Karl Schuemann of AudioMachina was working on a revised website about two years ago. But every time I checked, it was still the same old, outdated website. In November 2011, the new AudioMachina website finally launched. The website was very nicely done, with photos of the speakers taken by a professional photographer instead […]

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New Toys

My part time job as an addict is becoming a full time job as new toys continue to roll in. In the last 4 weeks, I have received the following new items: Berkeley Alpha USB Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2 Aurender S10 Devialet D-Premier AudioMachina Maestro S Each of these devices deserve a full write […]

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The Fat Lady & Q3

Having read Valin’s blog and review of the Fat Lady on TAS was published, I was interested to check them out. And when I finally met with one of the three key designers behind the Morel Fat Lady a month or so ago through a totally unrelated business meeting, the ‘sign’ was simply too strong not […]

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