Timo Boll ZLC

Table Tennis is one of the few games I enjoy. I have been playing on and off since I was 6, and recently picked it up again. I have been thinking about why I always end up going back to this sport. The fact that this is one of the games that constantly requires super […]

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Tod und Verklärung

A week or so ago, a notification popped up on my phone. It was a notification from the Digital Concert Hall. By the time I noticed the notification and clicked to watch the live concert, Strauss’s Tod und Verklärung was already near its end. Even just watching the last 10 minutes of the performance, Kirill Petrenko left […]

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Hasselblad X1D-50c 4116 Edition

Who should buy the Hasselblad X1D-50c? That is a tricky question. A Sony α7RIII delivers image quality that is awfully close to the X1D at a fraction of the cost. The α7RIII focuses a lot faster, has a much wider range of lenses, and is simply a far more versatile photographic tool. For most people, the decision […]

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ROON Nucleus+

ROON Labs is one of my favorite audio companies in recent memories. The software is fantastic and the integration with TIDAL makes listening to music between your own music library and TIDAL streaming service completely seamless. Until the arrival of the Nucleus+, I used to run ROON Server on a Mac Mini, which ran just […]

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Leica M10-P

Cameras are not complicated, at least they do not have to be. They are tools to freeze time visually. I own (too) many camera systems, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic, Hasselblad, Nikon, and Canon. All of which are more ‘advanced’ technologically then Leica. However, a Leica remains a Leica. You pay more to get less. By removing the ‘red […]

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Sanctuary Revisit

I have been making a lot of changes to my setup lately. I sold my Soulution 710, and disconnected my Berkeley Alpha DAC II and Alpha USB, Aurender S10 and even my trusted Transporter. My revised setup is as follow: Mac Mini with Pure Music Soulution 590 2x Devialet D-Premier in Mono Block mode DSPeaker […]

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