The skewed world of YouTubers

I enjoy watching YouTube videos as much as the next person. You can find pretty much anything on YouTube these days, from how to unclog a toilet to learning about what nihilism is. Since I am a gearhead, I often watch camera reviews on YouTube. There are lots of YouTubers out there doing camera reviews, […]


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What does the Sony a6400 mean?

Sony released the a6400, basically a camera based on the a6300 with a flip-up screen, with the processor from the flagship a9 running on the new firmware that will make the AF one of the most sophisicated and advanced AF system on the market. Similar (but to exactly the same) functions will be introduced to […]

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A camera someone should build

One of the great things with mirrorless cameras is that with a shorter flange distance, one is able to adapt lots of lenses on the mirrorless bodies. One of the most intriguing options out there is to adapt Leica M lenses on Sony mirrorless bodies. Initially, I used the Voitglander VM-E adapter. It doubles as […]

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