ROON Nucleus+

ROON Labs is one of my favorite audio companies in recent memories. The software is fantastic and the integration with TIDAL makes listening to music between your own music library and TIDAL streaming service completely seamless. Until the arrival of the Nucleus+, I used to run ROON Server on a Mac Mini, which ran just […]

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The curse of being an Audiophile

I watched the Apple WWDC event thinking how life would just be so much simpler if I adopt the Apple ecosystem. From the whole iTunes store/catalog to the iCloud services, I would have access to my music everywhere. I can have all iOS devices accessing all my music all the time. Life would be so […]

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Mac setup

>After being thoroughly disappointed by Vista, I tried out a Mac. Long story short, I now have a MacBook Pro 15in (2.4GHz/4GB/120GB) coupled to a Apple 30in CinemaDisplay, iMac 24in (3.06GHz/4GB/1TB), MacMini, MacBook AIR (SSD), an iPod Touch and an iPhone 3G. My transition to Mac took longer then I thought, and there are some […]

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