The hidden potential of all these MegaPixels

I received the Sony a7R IV for about a week now! What an insane machine! I have owned every generation of the a7R, and a7S. The a7R IV feels matured with an improved body, a better grip and far less mushy buttons. It took Sony a while but I think the ergonomics are actually decent now.

I also own other cameras, including a Leica Q2 and an Hasselblad X1D. I am only mentioning because these are all high MP cameras meaning all give files too big to be ‘convenient’, especially when one is on the road.

With 61MP, I think it is time for camera manufactures to introduce new features to take advantage of the megapixels.

The X1D allows diff crop, but the file are only masked and not actually cropped. So the RAW files remain the same size.

The Q2 markets its ‘crop’ mode, giving you 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm crop mode. JPGs resolution are affected but the RAW DNG remains the same size. When you open a Q2 RAW in LR, the image is masked with the chosen crop but the full 28mm full frame image is captured. What that means is, even if you shoot the Q2 at 35mm equivalent, 18MP mode, only the JPG is cropped to 18MP, but the full frame image data is intact and you can always choose to reveal the ‘cropped’ portion in LR. When you crop on the Q2, it does not punch in, trying to give users the illusion of using an RF. Leica’s approach is understandable given their long history with rangefinders, but it would be practical if Leica could give users the option of a real crop mode over the fake RF mode…

Back to the 61MP a7R4… so many pixels. Even at APS-C mode, it gives more pixels than any of the current a6xxxx bodies. I am sincerely hoping we can get a real genuine digital crop function that works as follow:

1) Allow users to define the ‘Minimal MP’

2) Stepless ‘crop’

When I mount a 24mm lens on. the a7R IV. I can choose to shoot it at 24mm f1.4 at 61MP, or in APS-C mode, at 36mm f2.1 at 25.9MP! 25.9MP is plenty for everyday use. In fact I think for holiday photos, I am good with about 16MP! What if the software allows me to set the Minimu MP acceptable for my purpose.

Yes one can argue two things. 1) Why do the crop at the moment of shooting instead of cropping in post? 2) Having such a function would cannibilizel lens sale!

Well my answer is that using a crop mode during shooting will 1) Allow me to crop/zoom in to compose the image I see in my mind. 2) Reduce post processing time 3) Reduce file size.

As for cannibilization, all I can say is, if you do not do it, others will. So canninilize yourself, just make sure you continue to innovate and stay ahead!

I would love to travel with the 24GM on the a7R4 and then if it allows me to crop down to say 16MP. That would be a dream…and I can finally get rid of my micro 4/3 cameras.


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