ROON Nucleus+

ROON Labs is one of my favorite audio companies in recent memories. The software is fantastic and the integration with TIDAL makes listening to music between your own music library and TIDAL streaming service completely seamless. Until the arrival of the Nucleus+, I used to run ROON Server on a Mac Mini, which ran just fine. The Nucleus+ is probably nothing more than a custom build heat sink with an Intel NUC inside (pure speculation on my part). It can either work with an external hard drive, or you can open it up and install an SSD, which is what I decided to do. I installed a 2TB SSD inside so it is a self-contained ROON Server.

The configuration page is basic but sufficient.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 01.38.23.png

The beauty of the Nucleus+ lies in its simplicity. You just plug it in (electricity + ethernet), and the ROON Control software will find the server and allows you to configure it, and play music to any recognized Endpoints.


The fact that ROON manages to execute release-after-release of its software so well, and now even venturing into hardware speaks volume of its management. ROON is really onto something. I wish @ennovandermeer and team all the best!


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