Sanctuary Revisit

I have been making a lot of changes to my setup lately. I sold my Soulution 710, and disconnected my Berkeley Alpha DAC II and Alpha USB, Aurender S10 and even my trusted Transporter.

My revised setup is as follow:

  1. Mac Mini with Pure Music
  2. Soulution 590
  3. 2x Devialet D-Premier in Mono Block mode
  4. DSPeaker AntiMode 2.0 Dual Core
  5. Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator with Torus Amplifier
  6. Magico Q1

The system is much simplified from what I had before, yet, I believe this is giving me the best sound I have ever had.

In my previous post, I talked about the DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033S-II. It was so good that I ordered their current flagship product, Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core.

So how does it measure?


This is all done with the Torus with 8033S-II (not yet updated with AM2DC yet) and a pair of Q1. This is pretty remarkable. I will be tuning this more, but I am getting a very very smooth response as is. The Q1 alone has plenty of bass extension, but I am currently crossing using the Devialet’s digital crossover, at 100Hz, 2nd order crossover to the Q1. I want to ‘free’ the Q1 up and give it even more headroom and lower the distortion. At the same time, I can place the Q1 where I think they are best in terms of imaging, and let the Torus takes care of the bass.


More to come…


10 thoughts on “Sanctuary Revisit

  1. What an unique setup! Do you use DSPeaker AntiMode 2.0 Dual Core or Devialet for the DAC function. Besides, would like to know what format you use on music files and where do you store all those files. Many thanks in advance for your more detailed elaborations.

    1. Thank you Mason.
      Since I now use Mac Mini with Pure Music, my preferred choice of format is Apple Lossless. It works best with Pure Music/iTunes.
      All 1.5TB worth are stored in a NAS that is in a different room altogether. All wired via Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet.

  2. Thanks for your clarifications. Just a follow up question: So you use the internal DAC on Devialet and only adopt DSPeaker for room acoustic corrections, aren’t you? Many thanks

    1. Hi Mason,
      I use Devialet’s DAC and the DSPeaker is only used to correct the subwoofer, not the main speakers.

    1. Devialet provides crossover function for subwoofer(s), but it does not provide EQ. The Torus is an ‘old fashioned’ subwoofer and does not come with EQ like all the modern subwoofers do, such as JL Audio subs. So the DSPeaker has valuable function.
      Even for subs with EQ, usually the result is not that optimal, the DSPeaker could still improve the linearity of the output.

  3. Thanks for sharing your interesting HiFi experience. I love your dedicated room, it’s an amazing set up.
    Devialet supposedly can provide parametric EQ for 4 freq by special request, but they don’t recommend it due to phase change, etc. Their customer support has been outstanding so far.
    General consensus is DRC is better suited for low freq / sub EQ. I have excellent results using auto EQ of my sub, and haven’t yet pursue the Devialet EQ path.
    My music system consists of Meridian 2TB Ensemble (4 x 8 zones house music), CTRL10, MS600 to the Devialet, Focal Scala in parallel with Velodyne DD10+(speaker level inputs), Transparent Reference Cables, PS Audio P5 w. MIT in-wall, & Technics SL1200 TT (rarely used these days).
    The DD10+ supports dual mode operations. It also serves as the 2nd sub for the separate home theater system using it’s LFE input. The Integra 80.3 AVR handles the HT Audysse EQ. HT uses Integra’s, AppleTVs, PS3, Wii, Triad in ceiling, Paradigm sub, Runco VS2000, Stewart 110″ drop down, SONY LCD TV.
    Other than some minor room treatments for the media room, I’m happy & done with my main system. Next project is the family room 5.1 with may be a small 2Ch system.

  4. Fantastic result.

    I have MacBook Pro, Time Capsule (as Apple Express), two Devialet D-Premier, Magico Q1; and a DSPeaker I have not used yet.

    I am waiting to borrow a Wilson Benesch Torus. They are made 30 miles from where I live!

    I was going to cut the Q1s through the D-Premier at 100Hz 4th order; and cut the Torus through the Torus amplifier 60Hz (this has to be 4th order); with no parametric equaliser?

    Any advice please?


    1. Why not use the DSPeaker? It works very well. It can even figure out for you what is the best frequency to do the XO between the Q1 and Torus…

      1. Thank you. I can use the DSPeaker with a wired link from, for example, my CD transport; but I normally use my MacBook Pro wirelessly using Air. In this way I think I could not use the DSPeaker unless, perhaps, I was wireless from the MacBook Pro to the Time Capsule but then wired from the Time Capsule to the Devialet – I will need to experiment!

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